Hi there! I'm Jo and I'm the Founder of bty slp.

When I became a mum, I felt exhausted, depleted and like a zombie! For what felt like an eternity, the only time that I felt I could exhale was the second or 2 as my head fell towards my pillow and I knew I could rest.

When I am well rested I feel in control, calm, in love with my life, and beautiful (inside and out!) I believe this is true for all of us (new mama’s or not!). 

Now, more than ever, we all need a routine, a way of doing things that simplifies, improves and pampers us; instead of complicating or intensifying what we "should" be doing. 

Feeling whole and beautiful should be about being to look at yourself in the mirror and saying, “You’re doing good! You’ve got this!”

The refining process of becoming a parent helped me to search for ways to simplify all areas of my life and strip away time consuming activities and behaviors. From this desire to simplify my life; bty slp was born.

bty slp exists to help those (all of us!) to simplify, to sleep and to implement a little more self love into our everyday; but never at the expense of others.

Isn't it time you #gotyourbeautysleep?